Understanding the different types of ice cubes that commercial ice machines can produce will help you choose the right type for your needs. Certain types of ice melt slower, are easier to chew, or have specific shapes to accommodate specific applications. Check out the list below for a more detailed explanation of common ice types.

Restaurant Equipment

Cube Ice

  • Most common ice used in commercial businesses
  • Melts slower than other ice types and dilutes drinks less quickly
  • Better customer experience – this is especially important if you are serving high end cocktials or liquors
  • Comes in full cube, half cube, and regular cube sizes, along with crescent and specialty shapes
Restaurant Equipment

Nugget Ice

  • Also known as “chewblet” ice when referring to Follett brand machines
  • Most common in health care facilities
  • Slow melting but also softer and easier to chew than cubes
  • Ideal if you are serving a lot of smoothies, blended drinks, and cold beverages
  • Displaces more liquid, reducing the amount of drink syrup required per beverage
Restaurant Equipment

Flake Ice

  • Almost exclusively used in displays for chilled meats, seafood, or salads
  • Can also be used in blended drinks
  • Softer and easier to chew than cube ice
  • Small, soft flakes cool food rapidly and can easily be molded around any shape
  • Can be packed around food for maximum cooling