Model: HE30
Capacity: 13,6 kg / batch of dry fabric
Washing speed: 48.5 rpm
Spin speed: 664 rpm
Voltage: 380V / 3P / 50Hz
Dimensions: 735 x 885 x 1270 mmH
Weight: 286 kg
Origin: Image-USA (assembled Thailand)

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The need to do laundry with us is extremely necessary, the advent of washing machines has helped us save a lot of time and effort, clothes are also washed cleaner than hand washing, especially at homes. Restaurants, hotels, laundry systems, the need for washing is higher because we all know that blankets and blankets absorb very heavy water, washing by hand will not meet the needs at the above locations. That’s why today we would like to introduce to you a product that is Image HE-30 industrial washing machine, let’s find out with us right below.

Product industrial washing machine IMAGE HE-30

1. Some advantages of washing machine, extractor IMAGE HE 30

– Large capacity: Image HE 30 industrial extractor washing machine can wash many different types of clothes with a capacity of up to 30 kg per wash.

– Multiple washing modes: Image extractor washing machine can provide many different washing modes to match different types of clothes, ensuring cleanliness and saving time. It also has a hive honeycomb washing system for clothes that are always in a straight state.

– Convenient operation: This unit is designed with many convenient features, such as touch screen control system, safety lock and oil filter to minimize the possibility of failure and malfunction.

– Energy saving: It is an advanced technology to reduce water and electricity usage, saving costs and protecting the environment.

– High durability: The whole machine is made of high quality material, which is durable and easy to maintain, which increases the service life of the product.

2. Basic components included in the IMAGE series

Image HE-30 extractor washing machine has 4 detergent dispensers

It is mounted at the front of the machine at a convenient height for easy access and automatic flushing. The position of the dispenser allows the machines to be placed side by side. As standard, the He model machines are provided with four supply signals and four connections for external fluid supply.

Simple micro control board

The simple microprocessor control offers the ability to store and execute 30 wash programs, simple operation and programming. Includes four chemical signals to control the external fluid source. It controls water inlet, outlet, washing speed, temperature, water level, etc. to ensure optimum efficiency at low cost.

Large door and wide safe cage

Large door design with 180-degree opening for quick and easy operation. The oversized stainless steel construction door is placed at a convenient height for added durability. The silicone door gasket ensures a long life and prevents leakage. Electromechanical interlock system ensures safety, easy to operate.

Structural bearings made of solid cast iron. The shaft is made of high strength steel. The ball element in the bearing is permanently lubricated to ensure long life.

The support frame of the industrial washer extractor IMAGE

The frame is powder coated for protection to reduce corrosion and prolong service life. This part helps the machine eliminate any problems.

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